Posted on November 27 2017


Dad's are the new hero's of everyday family life. There is a lot of evidence which suggests that Dads are spending more and more time with their children than ever. A quick glance around at the school gates at the number of men doing the drop off and not just occasionally but every day, makes this obvious.


He makes the sandwiches in the morning, he reads with the kids at night, he has taught them to swim and more often that not he's the one at the school gates to pick up and drop off. The do more Dad just wants to get involved in anyway he can with family life.

A lot of do more Dad's have flexible creative jobs, like graphic design or are self employed, like the home working It contractor, which allows then the freedom to take work more flexibly and therefore take more responsibility in family life. 

They can also be more traditional nine to fivers who race to get home on time, who find a moment in the office to email the teacher, and who nip out in their lunchtime to buy the birthday present for the next kids party.


The time when Dads only came home on a weekday in time to kiss the kids to bed and whose child interaction time was limited to a quick kick around with the football on a Saturday, is long gone. The Dad who doesn't know the names of his children friends he doesn't exist anymore.

Ever those Dad's with little flexibility at work are determined to do much more, to participate in their children's lives EVERYDAY.

A recent netmums survey of over 1,000 men and women commissioned for Father’s Day found that the traditional role of the father as breadwinner featured as the eighth most
important priority, while playing with children and providing moral guidance, featured
much closer to the top of the list.

Netmums Editor in chief, Anne-Marie O’Leary commented that “The dad revolution
is a real chance for men to ditch the pressure to be macho, enjoy their children
more and get closer to their families”


An #everydaydad is special as he is there for his children everyday, no matter what and no matter how old his children are. 

As a child of an everyday Dad you know that no matter what no matter when he will be there for you, each and every single day of your life. If that's not special I don't know what is!


So, if dads are now beginning to juggle work and family life as much as mums is it now possible that they too are feeling just as frazzled?

We are Bluebell Abbey therefore think its time to give father’s a bit more recognition for what they are now contributing by making a bigger deal of Father's Day this year than every before. 

One option could be took take him out for a lavish lunch at the nearest gastro pub, however chances are it will be packed with other families and maybe not as relaxing as expected, plus its bound to blow the budget, and it doesn't really say thought-out does it?

So why not give him the best day at home ever - with lots of little personal touches, that show you really care.

Make him breakfast in bed

 You can't beat a full English and with all that effort he will know you've really tired. Serve it on a tray accompanied by  Sherstons Tea's Darjeeling loose leaf tea, 


Plus a vintage book on his favourite topic, inscribed with a personal message in the front cover, that says - I really love you Dad! 

Next step - walk it off in the summer sunshine!

Sweat treat

 After a big breakfast and a long walk, chances are energy levels are low. This is where you hand out the next gift box. Sit him down make him a cup of proper whole bean coffee. 

Our Grisly Bear whole bean blend from Ethical Additions should hit the spot perfectly, and whats better than a brownie with coffee? You can then hand him another carefully selected book, this Ladybook Book of Birds https://bluebellabbey.co.uk/collections/books-and-brownies/products/book-and-a-brownie-1  would be perfect if you wanted to carry on the nature theme of the day. 

Alternatively invest in a family book of books and deliciously squidgy chocolate brownies - which will give you all a moment to enjoy together https://bluebellabbey.co.uk/collections/books-and-brownies/products/family-books-and-brownie-box


Buy him a book and a beer

Finally when the sun is over the yard arm, why not finish the day with a beer, or two?


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