Five Easy and Affordable Ways to Spoil Your Mum This Mother’s Day

Posted on March 03 2018

Five Easy and Affordable Ways to Spoil Your Mum This Mother’s Day


Mothers Day is nearly here, and for many that means the time honoured tradition of running into a supermarket five minutes before seeing her in order to buy a card, or panicking about the exact time of the last post. However if you’re looking to do something a little bit special this year for the one who’s done more for you than anyone else, then here are five easy and affordable ways to say just how much you love her. Take time to give Mum what she really really wants - some time spent with you. 

 1) Wake her up with a proper cup of English tea in bed

Set your alarm for 10 minutes before your Mum's normal wake up time and get brewing. Ethically sourced entirely from Darjeeling, India, and then hand-blended in the Cotswolds, this lovely tin of loose leaf tea (£10.29) makes the perfect cuppa for Mother's Day. Add 1 to 2 teaspoons to your Mum's favourite mug then simply allow the leaves to seep in the hot, but never boiling, water for up to 4 minutes, remove leaves then serve with or without milk or sugar. The final result is a beautifully balanced tea with refreshing citrus flavours. Finally wake her up gently, and don't forget the card, or the smile.

 2) Run her a bath and hand her a book

What could be nicer than relaxing in a hot bath with mineral-rich and aromatic Frangipani Bath Salts, paired with a beautiful, vintage Penguin book, hand-chosen just for her? Fill the bath about a quarter full, then add the baths salts, stir and continue filling the bath, constantly checking the temperature with your hand and adjusting accordingly. You should be able to hold your hand in the water for 10 seconds before it becomes uncomfortably hot. Once at this temperature leave for 10 minutes to cool. Meanwhile find the nicest tall glass in the house and fill with cold water. Bathing can be thirsty work. Lay out a towel within easy reach and finally add that all important book. Now all you have to do is keep everyone else in the house quite for the duration, easy! Book and Bath gift sets are available from Bluebell Abbey for £17.99

 3) Give her a home facial

Not got enough cash to send your Mum on a Spa day, then why not give her a facial at home instead. All you'll need is a clean bowl, towel and wash cloth, and of course a great beauty product. We recommend Aromatika's Rose Facial Oil £28.95.  Made from organic rose-hip seed and macadamia oil and packed with anti-aging vitamins and powerful antioxidants, this lovely facial oil , handmade in Devon, is ideal for a little home pampering. Sit your make-up free Mum at a table, towel overhead,with her face over steaming bowl of water. Let her sit there for 10 minutes, then clean her face gentle with the linen cloth from the centre out. Next sit her in a comfy chair with her neck supported. Massage the facial oil into her skin using circular motions, leave the oil to soak in her to relax. Job done. 

 4) Buy her a 100% cotton, Fairtrade dressing gown and insist she wears it ALL day

This gorgeous, floral dressing gown £39.99  is perfect for lounging around the house all day. Give it to your Mum in the morning, with her cup of tea, and insist she has a feet-up dressing gown day, while you buzz around doing all her chores. Also makes a fantastic gift for what to wear while getting ready for that big night out, depending on the particular mother in question.

 5) Mix her the perfect gin and tonic

Every mum is different, and if yours is partial to a little tipple from time to time, then this mini-gin from boutique distillers, Sibling, could be the perfect gift. Just pour over ice and top with a good quality tonic and a serve with a slice of orange or lime. Simple. The bottle is so pretty why not encourage your mum to keep it afterwards and use it as a vase, after washing it first obviously? Sibling gin is available in either a double measure at a very affordable £4.99 or why not go the whole hog and get her a bottle for £23.99

Want to know more about Mothers Day? Read the Bluebell Abbey Guide to a very British Mother's Day.

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