Join the country house set!

Posted on November 27 2017

Join the country house set!

"Of all the great things that the English have invented …..the most perfect, the most characteristic, the only one they have mastered completely in all its details, …. is the well-appointed, well-administered, well-filled country house."  Henry James


 Lady Annabel here, Matriarch of Bluebell Abbey, you may call me Madam.

Mr James was certainly right we do live a jolly old life here in our country house in the Costwolds.  You should see the Bluebell Abbey bluebells, bliss at this time of year. 

There is nothing I like better in spring than to float around the garden amongst the spring flowers with a copy of Henry's best book, The Portrait of a Lady. Of course Whittaker my butler is always on hand to bring tea and a chair. 

However as a member of a social set one has obligations to get out and about every now and then.  So I thought you might want to tag along? 

I will be visiting various of my friends manors and posting the results, so you too can see behind the scenes at real country houses.

As an exceptional hostess myself I have also spend many years putting the best of British together so my friends can enjoy the best of country house weekends. Its about time therefore I stopped being so selfish any started sharing some of these finds. So if you want to know about the best tea, what gin you should be drinking or what beauty creams to slather on the morning after, here's the place to find out. I believe there is someone called Gwyneth has a thing called Goop, so I thought why not me too!


So to get that country house feeling and join the Country House Set click on the link and enter your details.



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