When Beard Oil Just Isn't Enough- last minute Valentine's gifts for hipsters

Posted on November 27 2017

When Beard Oil Just Isn't Enough- last minute Valentine's gifts for hipsters

Does the man in your life live in flannel shirts, wear brogues and sport a much-loved beard? If the answer to any two or more of these is yes, then you are a 'hipster's other-half'. Your beau has lots of great qualities but when it comes knowing what he likes, well let's just say he is that little bit more particular than the average guy. This can make buying him gifts tricky at the best of times, but as its valentine's day you really don't want to get it wrong. Bluebell Abbey is a new gift brand that is here to help, with its wide range of craft beer, whole bean coffee and unusual vintage books you are bound to find that special valentines gift that will bring the broadest of smiles to that gorgeous hairy face of his.

Gifts for the ethical hipster 

He dresses in carefully selected vintage clothes, rides a bicycle and is sometimes vegetarian or even vegan. Favourite breakfast: fair trade avocados on sough dough bread from his local artesian bakery.

For him provenance is everything, so why not buy him a bottle of Whisky Aged Maris Otter Vintage Ale sourced by Bluebell Abbey from Stroud Brewery. The brewery makes small batches of premium ale using only malting barley that is grown locally to its premises in the Cotswolds. Organic, vegan and delicious, what's not to like!

For the hipster barista

His natural habitat is the coffee house, where he drinks coffee as if it is a sacred sacrament. Favorite non-coffee hobby: collecting rare vintage vinyl.

This is a man who want's something that's unique to him, something that no one else has. For him for Valentine's Day it has to be single farm origin coffee whole bean coffee. Bluebell Abbey has an exclusive deal to bring coffee into the UK that you can't get from anyone else. Our favorite the is the Honey Cattura from the El Bosque farm in Columbia, washed in honey water before roasting to gives it a very subtlety sweet and totally unique flavour. Bluebell Abbey also throws in a book so he's got something to read while he's drinking.

For the authentic hipster

The authentic hipster is knowledgeable and does his research and loves to make things. Favorite pastime: haggling at your local street market over wooden tools for his latest project; that upside-down wall clock.

Prove to him you're the real deal by giving an amazing selection of original classic penguins and vintage ladybird books. Anyone can buy the new ironic titles in a bookshop or online, but an original one from the 1950's not so easy. Our favourite sold by Bluebell Abbey is the fantastically titled "The Motor Car" How it works.

About us 

Bluebell Abbey is a brand for people who love all the things you might find in an English country house as a weekend guest. Based in the Cotswold's Bluebell Abbey brings a curated collection of new and vintage products used by the very best of English people. Bluebell Abbey, ethical, environmental and just for you.

SOURCE Bluebell Abbey

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